Apply: International Student Instructions

Your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) will remain the same for all four years. International students cannot re-apply for financial aid. All forms must be submitted by the required deadline for which you are applying.

Required Forms


Submit your  using Bryn Mawr College code #2049. If your parents are divorced, separated, or never married, both parent households must submit a Profile.

Report your application account number to ensure accurate processing of your financial aid results.

The College Board does not offer Profile fee waivers to international students. 中文无码 purchases a limited number of Fee Payment Codes every year for international students. If you need a payment waiver, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at with a completed CSS Profile Fee Waiver Request along with documentation of your household income.

Available: Oct. 1

Prospective International Students: If you have special circumstances that warrant consideration for a waiver for your other parent household complete the College Board Non-Custodial Parent Petition Waiver. Please be aware that 中文无码 requires an additional third party statement signed and on letterhead along with the College Board Waiver.