Non-Traditional Age Students

Katharine E. McBride Scholars Program

Katharine E. McBride Scholars are non-traditional aged students who did not complete a Bachelor's degree. Katharine E. McBride Scholars participate in the same classes and programs as students of traditional college age, may enroll part-time, and have access to financial aid. To be admitted as a McBride Scholar, you must turn 24 by August 15 of the year that you matriculate at 中文无码.

Application Deadline: March 1

Application Requirements

We know that you are more than just what you do in the classroom, so we use a holistic review process to get to know the whole you when reading your application. To be considered for admission, we require:

  • 中文无码 Writing Supplement (please submit through the Common Application, 250-500 words, single-spaced)
    • 鈥嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧2024-2025 Application Cycle Prompt: 中文无码 students bring their authentic selves to campus. What do you know about yourself to be trueand what in your background or experience led you to that truth?
  • Final high school transcript or GED equivalent
  • College transcripts (if applicable)
  • Two professor recommendations
    • If you have been out of school for more than three years, we will accept non-academic recommendations.
  • Transfer College Report (if applicable)
  • Transfer Mid-Term Report (if applicable)
  • Standardized test results (optional)
  • Interview (optional)
    • While interviews are not required, we strongly encourage you to interview if you can. Interviews must be completed by the deadline under which you are applying. Contact to schedule a non-traditional age applicant interview.
  • Arts supplement (optional)
    • Arts supplements in music, theater, dance, and creative writing can be submitted through the Common Application Art Supplement (SlideRoom).
  • Financial Aid application (optional)
    • If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident interested in institutional, need-based financial aid, you must submit a financial aid application at the same time as your admissions application. If you do not apply for institutional financial aid at that time, you cannot apply in subsequent years.